Training Services

The Education section of Light Technologies is established with a view to develop skilled resources for the IT industry in Bangladesh. Light Technologies which is a dynamic and fast growing IT service provider; specialized in providing IT certification training in Bangladesh.

Professional Web Design

Before building something, planning is very important. Like planning, in the present world designing also plays a key role. It plays the same role on websites. Here designing has created a vast area of new job opportunities. Websites nowadays are one of the most important parts of any corporation. As the world is gradually becoming more digitized, people are feeling the need to uphold their businesses online. This is where websites come in. Website designs deal with the more creative aspect of things as opposed to the engineering aspect. A functional website that is also aesthetically pleasing to look at is the dream of both the website designer and also the client and customers. Website designers help to achieve this very thing. They talk to clients about their needs. They then try and fulfill all those objectives with their outstanding skills.

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Web Development

Web Development is one of the top-ranked jobs in the world. The world is constantly becoming more digitalized and as more businesses are becoming online oriented, the web development sector flourishing in leaps and bounds. The demand for web developers is also very high. The opportunities are skyrocketing and the topic of web development will definitely be a burning issue in the coming decade. Web development is more engineering based rather than creative based work.

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Digital Marketing

The present world is very technologically driven. As a result of this, the current customer group is very internet savvy. Window shopping is currently more done online than through actual windows in storefronts. Digital Marketing helps develop businesses through marketing. They do it through Search Engine, mobile, websites and cell phones. Another notable medium of digital marketing are sites such as YouTube and Facebook. We offer Professional Digital marketing course.

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